Novelty Foods

McDonald's Taro Pie
Spotted 12/09/2010

I love the McDonald's in Taiwan for their familiar items with an asian twist. I remember a few years ago they came out with a red bean pie, and now this Taro Pie~ I believe fast food in Taiwan is a lot better that its forerunner from the United States: classier decor, friendlier service, and more variety. Although the crust is too crispy and not bready enough like the apple pies in the states, the filling was great tasting taro chunky paste with undeniable tarocity. This item made my day a lot better after 11 hours of work.

Penis Cakes
Spotted 11/04/2010

Only in Taiwan would it be OK to sell Penis-Shaped cakes on the streets. And in Taipei, such a ridiculous item would be found nowhere else, other than in the heart of Xi Men Ding. There are no close-up shots available since I didn't feel like dropping 60 NT just to get a picture of a custard filled slong.
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