Review Layout

My reviews will take on a very yelp style approach. I will try to provide yelp style profile of the restaurants I visit. I will also use my own Taiwanese Dollar oriented pricing system in the restaurant profile:

The pricing will be the average cost per person:
$       = Under 100 TWD
$$     100-299    TWD
$$$   = 300-799    TWD
$$$$ = 800+         TWD

After the yelp style profile, I will write a little excerpt regarding my experience at the restaurant and focus on three main categories: food quality, decor, and quality of service. After the verbal review, I will rate three categories using an "# out of 5" system. The overall rating of the restaurant will be the average of the three categories.

At the end, I will give the restaurant a recommendation. My recommendation to a restaurant will not be correlated with the overall rating of a restaurant because some hole in the wall places with horrible service may have incredibly delicious food. The recommendation will briefly explain what this place is good for and whether or not to visit. This will be the general layout of my reviews in the future.
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