Odd Restaurants

A Collection of Odd Restaurants

Upon my wanderings, I usually find an odd restaurant that I would probably not enter. Yet their existence is mind-boggling to me, so I feel compelled to share them.

11/19/2010- Instant Noodles Aficionado House

It's quite amazing that you can dedicate a whole floor just selling instant noodles. I guess they have all sorts of instant noodles: japanese, korean, etc. The variety this place has to offer attract the niche connoisseurs of the instant noodle world to gather around here like flies.

1/7/2011- NINJA

Japanese Food, Magicians, Beer, and Female Ninjas: Enough said.

4/3/2011- "Orange Lemon"

Taiwan is notorious for a phenomenon known as Betel Nut girls. Basically, they use hot girls dressed in skimpy outfits to sell these heat-inducing nuts. Little known and publicized is what I dub the "Orange-Lemon Girls." They are not as all up in your face as the Betel Nut girls, but they are using the same type of strategy to sell their horrible product. I have noticed that many of the nightmarkets across taiwan have a stand dedicated to selling this citrusy drink called "Orange Lemon" or some other fruity variant.
The drink does not even taste crisp, fresh, or good. You are just layering your mouth with high fructose corn syrup. It is essentially an artificial flavor concoction; a serum that is really undrinkable, but somehow survives in the market. Probably has to do with the cute girls usually behind these stands-probably. Beware of products sold by cute girls.
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