NTU Restaurant Guide

New to the Gong Guan (公館) area? I have eaten at most of the restaurants around the National Taiwan University Campus, and thought it would be nice to provide a page that introduces the dining options available. However, I will only post the places that I have personally blogged about so this page will not be a comprehensive list of everything available. Restaurants are categorized by area then cuisine. If you are caught wondering where to eat around NTU, then check give my little guide a gander.

Area Highlights

NTU Main Campus

NTU Main Entrance Area

1) Lan Family Taiwanese Snacks
    -Excellent Taiwanese Pork Pocket Buns and 4 Gods Soup

2) Dragon Bros Fried Chicken
    -Popular Fried Chicken Breast Stall in Gong Guan Nightmarket

NTU Rear Entrance Area

1) 15 Napoletana Pizzeria
    -Thin Crust CPK-Style Pizzas

NTU West Entrance Area

1) So Free Pizza
    -Original Taiwanese-style Pizzas

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