Top 3 Picks

Top 3 Picks

The top three picks of each category will be displayed and linked. This page will be updated whenever something new is discovered that affects the rankings. Hope this can help people avoid stepping on land mines as they explore the food scene in Taiwan. These are based on what I have blogged since update date.

Updated 11-02-2011

Best Pizza
1) 15 Pizzeria Napoletana
2) Fat Angelo's
3) So Free

Best Spagetti
1) Go Go Pasta
2) Solo Pasta
3) Second Floor Cafe

Best Beef Noodle Soup
1) Temple Entrance Beef Noodles
2) Cow Daddy
3) Old Wang's Beef Noodles

Best Oyster/Pork Intestine
1) Huang Pig Intestine Noodles
2) Lucky Horse
3) Dragon Oyster Noodles

Best Stinky Tofu
1) De Emblem Cantonese Style
2) Dragon Oyster Noodles
3) University Entrance

Best Ramen
1) Rakumenya
2) Arashi Ramen
3) Akasaka Ramen

Best Curry
1) Tokyo Curry Expresso
2) Indian Curry House
3) Gin Curry

Best Danzi Noodles
1) Tainan Danzi Noodles (Liu He)
2) Slack Season

Best Sushi/Sashimi Restaurant
1) Bamboo Fish Trap
2) Hi Sushi
3) Beautiful Garden

Best Afternoon Tea
1) A3
2) Joyce East
3) Smith and Hsu

Best Soon Dubu
1) JBSD Dubu House
2) Ari Tofu House
3) Gyeongju Restaurant

Best Dumplings
1) Din Tai Fung
2) 11th Street
3) Shanghai Shanghai

Best Asian BBQ
1) Alley Way BBQ (Hu Tong)
2) Xin Jiang BBQ
3) Kanpai

Best Teppanyaki
1) Chamonix
2) Karen Teppanyaki
3) Red Forest Teppanyaki

Best Tacos
1) Macho Tacos
2) Eddie's Cantina
3) Oola Mexican Grill

Best Gastro Pubs
1) Indulge Experimental Bistro
2) A3
3) Dozo

Best Sandwiches
1) Smith and Hsu
2) Toasteria
3) Second Floor Cafe

Best Hainanese Chicken Rice
1) The Chicken Rice Shop
2) Sergeant Chicken Rice

Best Burger
1) Gordon Biersch
2) Evan's Burger
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