Jan 6, 2011

Tainan Danzi Noodles 台南担仔麵


Address:   高雄市六合二路40         
                  No. 40, LiùHé 2nd Road, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Phone #:  N/A
Website: N/A
Price Range:   $
Accepts Credit Cards: no
Take out: yes
Waiter Service: no
Outdoor seating:  no
Alcohol: no


Food Quality: 5 out of 5
Decor:  3 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Recommendation: Cheap and tasty rice noodle snack

In the Liu He Tourist Nightmarket in Kaohsiung City lies a Danzi Noodle stall that i've been frequenting for 20 years everytime i go down there. There are a couple other stalls in the nightmarket, but I put my money on the one next to the BBQ stand (烤肉之家) any day. It has the deepest flavors and the best noodles. I recommend getting the small bowl of danzi rice noodles because the flavor is more concentrated in the small bowl, and the rice noodles do a better job soaking up all the flavor. A small bowl only costs you 40 NT to try. If you are ever in the area, give this stall a shot.
 This is a nightmarket, the decor is going be the most minimal to the point of being borderline filthy. Yet somehow the gunk and the stunk adds to the flavor and the eating experience. The service is great cause you yell out what you want and its made almost instantaneously. Find a stool to do your business, enjoy the flavor and get on with your nightmarket stroll. The small bowl of rice noodles is shown on top. A lot has changed since the heyday of the early 90's, but the basic flavor of the stock is intact.

Before they did not provide a meatball. Its not really a plus, just a way to attract the new customers so that they can feel filled. The new shrimp they use don't carry the same flavor as the smaller sweet shrimp they used to use. I believe its cause the high volume of uneducated tourists from china do not appreciate quality over quanitity. However, the stock is still the same, and really, the minced pork stock, the rice noodles, and the crunchiness of the bean sprouts is all I desire when I attack a bowl of Danzi Noodles. Hopefully you like a litte bit of cilantro, since it is in there and accentuates the minced pork stock. This stand is a must have at this nightmarket, along with the seafood congee and the chicken skewers at the BBQ stand. I have to say that the Taiwanese food in the south  is much better than the counterparts up north by far.

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