Jan 18, 2011

Hello Kitty Sweets


Price Range:   $$$
Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Take out: yes
Waiter Service: yes
Outdoor seating:  no
Alcohol: no


Food Quality: 3 out of 5
Decor:  4.5 out of 5
Service: 4.5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Recommendation: Go for deserts, not for a meal.
In the Da An road and Zhong Shiao road intersection lies Hello Kitty Sweets. As the name suggests, this is a bakery/cafe that is dedicated to serving Hello Kitty themed meals in a Hello Kitty themed dining space. This is probably the pinkest store in the Zhong Shiao Fu Shing MRT area. Don't come here expecting to get a good tasting meal. It's pretty much a store that wows you with hello kitty shaped items, which taste average. I do not recommend actually eating any of the meals here except for the hamburger or the bread bowls. Everything else does not resemble kitty, and no one should eat the overpriced spagetti/steaks there. I do recommend checking it out if you are in the area at least once, and trying their desserts, especially the yakult flavored hello kitty cake.
Once you walk in you are greeting by cute waitresses. There is a bakery display on the right when you walk in, where they stand by behind the counter. Since I forgot my camera, I had to use a cellphone camera, so I did not bother to take a picture of the bakery because it would be too hard. The waitresses are very cutesy and seem too all talk in a baby voice. It must have been part of the interview process that the server had to be female, short, and have a baby voice. I have to say they were very accomodating and professional. They get high ranks for service. They also have different outfits for different personnel. The cook and the cafe workers wear different get ups.

They run a very efficient operation, and are not shy to show you what each station is doing. They actually have glass separating the dessert preparation area with the dining area, so you can walk on up and see how they prepare each plate. I wish I had more pictures to show you the decor, but just google around and you will see that it is sufficiently pink and sparkly.

I got to say the food really sucks. I had a feeling that the food was gonna suck already, and I confirmed it. I got the Hello Kitty burger set meal, which starts you off with a salad. Salads are not very delicious in Taiwan. The thousand island they use do not taste like the thousand island I know and love. There was nothing particularly Hello Kitty about this dish either, so I was disappointed in their lack of creativity with the salad.

Next up, we have a airplane food style dinner roll, with a Hello Kitty Face branded on the top. Now we are getting somewhere. I am pretty much paying for the image so I am glad the bread does not let me down. However, it just tastes like a sweeter softer airplane dinner roll.

Next up, a bowl of mushroom soup served in their custom bowl. It's not cream of mushroom, but rather a bowl of butter and some stock(chicken stock?) with a few slices of mushrooms in it. This one is not particularly appetizing. It did not have much of a kitty theme besides the bowl. At least put a few hello kitty fish cakes or something...I'd be happier if I scooped up a slice of fish cake shaped like Hello Kitty. There is also another smoked salmon appetizer, but I must have forgotten to snap a picture of it. Nothing really special. Just a dish plated with 3 slices of smoked salmon.

Finally, the main attraction is this Hello Kitty Burger. The bun is obviously shaped like Hello Kitty. And that is about all I can say that is good about this burger. The meat was horribly flavored and pan fried. The cheese was no good. The burger was too thick and not meaty/juicy enough. The fries were ok, but they only give you a measley amount of ketchup to go with it. Seriously, don't bother coming here to eat a tasty meal. It only tastes good if you are crazy for Kitty.

The end of the set meal they give you a drink of your choice (mine was coffee) and a hello kitty shaped jello. Not satisfied with such a weak dessert I went and tried two more to see what they were like.
This is like a cheese cake platter with candied fruit on the side. The cheesecake is no good. Its like a egg tart with weak flavored cheese cake for filling. I guess they can sell anything if they placed a chocolate mold shaped like hello kitty on it.
This is probably the only dish I enjoyed in this whole experience. Not only did it look the most like hello kitty, it actually tasted pretty good. I grew up on yakult, so when I bit into this yakult flavored Hello Kitty mousse, I dug it. This is what I would recommend ordering at this place over coffee (although the coffee is not good...americano). It also comes in strawberry and chocolate. This restaurant is a great place to bring children and girls who still think this fluffy cat is the cutest thing in the world.


joanh said...

i'm surprised that you went!! i've definitely put off going there because i heard the food is not good or worth what they charge.. maybe when my sister comes to visit. lol

Johnny said...

yeah, the food is horrible...i only liked the yakult flavored hello kitty face shaped mousse. Side's that everything's just ugh~.

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