Jan 15, 2012

Gordon Biersch


Gordon Biersch is a brewery restaurant with locations around the world. They offer 6 different types of beers and a wide array of western food items that pair well with them. The price for a glass of beer is 230 NT each, and the food items average at around 400 NT per item, which is why you can expect to spend around 700 NT per visit. This location is the Hsin Yi restaurant nestled on the second floor of the A11 building of Shing Kong Mitsukoshi. The Worcestershire sauce marinated beef burger is worth a try here. It pairs very well with their Marzen handcrafted beer. Give this place a visit whether you would like to enjoy their food or just to knock a couple handcrafted beers back.

Address: 臺北市信義區松壽路11號2樓
Phone #: 02-8786-7588
Business Hours: 11:00-24:00
Website: http://www.gordonbiersch.com.tw/
Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Price Range:   $$$
Attire: casual
Good for kids: yes
Take out: yes
Waiter Service: yes
Outdoor seating:  yes
Alcohol: yes


Food Quality: 4 out of 5
Decor:  4 out of 5
Service: 3.5 out of 5
Overall: 3.83 out of 5
Recommendation: Good burgers with a wide selection of brews.


The interior is laid out like a typical western restaurant/bar. There is a booth seating area that is predominately for restaurant customers, and there is also a pub area with high chairs for the pub crowd that may enjoy some food, but predominately are here to drink. This is a good layout for it can accomodate single diners that may feel awkward to eat here if they were alone. There are plenty of screens to watch the latest sporting events and a generally hearty vibe. Eating here is reminiscent of dining at BJ's or Fox Sport's Grill type of restaurant bar.
I recommend everyone who comes here for the first time to try the beer sampler for 230 NT. When presented with a selection of 6 drinks with vague descriptions of each on their menu, the simplest way to find out which one you like best is to try them all. After sampling them all, you can choose which one you think you like the most or which one you think would pair with your meal optimally. My personal favorite is the Marzen.

Like any good western restaurant, the bread comes warm and fluffy paired with a butter. This sour dough loaf passed the test being just the right amount of sourness. Paired with their butter, it gets the savoriness and creaminess to each slice as well. 
However, if straight-up bread doesn't cut it for you. I recommend getting an appetizer like this plate of crab and artichoke dip. This was an excellent appetizer with the ht cheesy dip. This is even better than the spinach artichoke dip one can get at BJ's also because they have shredded crab mixed in the dip. The sourdough bread is also toasted a little extra to have a crunchier texture to it.
Yet, what surprised me most were their hamburgers and garlic fries. The fries were crunchy and flavored very evenly and with just the right amount of garlic and salt. The hamburger was probably the best hamburger I have had in Taipei. The meat was a perfect pink medium rare and with the right amount of bite to it. The only drawbacks were that the burger was not marinated flavorful enough. However this mushroom and swiss burger was still better than that of bravo or evan's by far. I have also tried the burger mariniated with Worcestershire sauce, which greatly improves the burger's taste. Sadly, the bun is still lacking substance and seems to be pumped with too much air so that it flattens by too much after you hold it. Otherwise, this would have been perfect. Despite these drawbacks, their burger and fries combo sets the bar for Taipei.

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