Aug 19, 2011

Evan's Burger


Evans burger is a burger joint / brunch restaurant chain that serves a higher quality burger at a reasonable price. It is hard to find a satisfactory burger in Taiwan. Evans burger is definitely one of the better burgers on this island. They also set the bar in terms of service for these "gourmet burger" restaurants. An average meal would run about 250 NT per person, which is a lot for a burger like this, but if you visit on a wednesday they have a cheeseburger set for 100 NT. I would not mind dining here for 100 NT, but I would hesitate returning on normal days because the prices are a bit high for what you are getting. I seldom eat hamburgers in Taiwan because I haven't found a place where the burger's quality justifies the price. Evan's burger price is right for their burger, try visiting on a wednesday.

Address:  台北市大安區師大路86巷1號1F            
             No. 1, Lane 86, Shi Da Rd, Da An District, Taipei City
Phone #: 02-2365-5022
Business Hours: mon-thurs: 11:30-21:30, fri-sun: 9:30-22:00
Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Price Range:   $$
Attire: casual
Good for kids: yes
Take out: yes
Waiter Service: yes
Outdoor seating:  no
Alcohol: yes


Food Quality: 3.5 out of 5
Decor:  4 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5
Overall: 3.83 out of 5
Recommendation: Ok burger joint on wednesdays


The Shida branch Evans burger is designed like a classic diner mixed with some modern elements. They have the checkerboard floor, booths, and a bartop for the patrons who just want a quick bite. I have to say I was impressed by the Dunhwa branch bartop a lot more because they had 4 LCD TVs for me to watch different channels at once while eating my burger, thus enhancing my meal experience. However, the area is more spacious here at Evans and is just as comfortable to dine in. The service staff at Evans is great, especially at the bartop. You are given a response to your requests in very quickly and they are very amiable and easy going. Evans burger beats out most burger joints with their bartop environment.
Another plus for dining at Evan's burger is that you can order A&W root beer to help wash down your burger. The only downside is that a can costs 60 NT. I could've bought a six-pack back in Cali. It costs a lot more just to enjoy that famaliar root beer taste with your food. Its worth it sometimes.
Another Item I enjoyed at this place was their Chili Cheese fries. The chilly is chalky and they scrimp on the cheese, but the fries are plump and crisp. They can do better making the chilly a lot more wet and put on more cheese. Share this between at least one more person as one skillet of fries is way too much for one person. I also love that they plated the chilly cheese fries on a skillet, like a cowboy.
Their 100 NT burger set is enough fries and burger for 1 person to be full. Another thing I love about Evan's burger is that I can ask for a side of mayonaisse, and I can whip up my own "In N Out"-stlye spread to adorn my burger. You can also just resort to ketchup and mustard, but I feel like this spread ups the burger a lot more. Consider sneaking packets of relish from 7-11 to mix in the ad hoc spread and you got urself a tasty sauce. The burger meat itself is acceptably juicy and the cheese covers the burger like a blanket. I don't recall being overwhelmed by the cheese, but that's probably because they use the Taiwanese-Style American cheese that is even less flavorful than Kraft singles. Yet, these are just minor complaints to this burger. The most annoying part of this burger and most Taiwanese burgers is...
The lack of a proper bun. In the previous picture you can see that the bun seems kind of round and fluffy, but its just a mound of empty promises. Once you actually pick it up the bun deflates considerably and you get a flat bun that fails to deliver in texture and function. The Bun is supposed to protect my hands from the juices and oils within. At one point the thin bun started oozing juices and cheese and it was quite messy. The other problem is that the bun doesn't have that fluffy pillowy texture to add to the burger. You know how a good bun should push against ur teeth and kind of yield its doughiness to your mouth. That didn't happen here. The texture is like the Taiwanese "Apple Bread" after you deflate it. But this is expected from Taiwan...they say the easiest things to sell are air and water, and they definitely are hustling their customers with these air filled buns that look great at first glance, but are actually of no substance. This place would be a dissapointing situation if I paid the full 260 NT for this burger set. However, I only paid 100 NT because it was a wednesday and so I was a happy camper. Evans Burger is definitely worth a visit on a wednesday, but may be way overpriced for what you get on any other day.

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