Oct 8, 2010

Review Layout

My reviews will take on a very yelp style approach. I will provide yelp style profile of the restaurants I visit. In addition to taking pictures of the storefront and interior, I will try to take a snapshot of the Menu to give readers a better understanding of the prices. I will also use my own Taiwanese Dollar oriented pricing system in the restaurant profile:

The pricing will be the average cost per person:
$       = Under 100 TWD
$$     100-299    TWD
$$$   = 300-799    TWD
$$$$ = 800+         TWD

After the yelp style profile, I will write a little excerpt regarding my experience at the restaurant and focus on three main categories: food quality, decor, and quality of service. After the verbal review, I will rate three categories using an "# out of 5" system. The overall rating of the restaurant will be the average of the three categories.

At the end, I will give the restaurant a recommendation of either "Check it out!" or "Don't Bother~" My recommendation to a restaurant will not be correlated with the overall rating of a restaurant because some hole in the wall places with horrible service may have incredibly delicious food. This will be the general layout of my reviews in the future.

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